Crest 3D White

Do you have a ‘yellowish’ smile? Then read on about Crest 3D White and its teeth whitening products.

We all want bright and attractive smiles. But the reality is, teeth discolored and turns to yellow easily due to genetic, smoking, aging, medication, improper diet (e.g: too much of coffee, tea, sodas, red wine) and so on.

Most people will opt for teeth whitening products that are available at the local pharmacies or drug stores because they are more convenient, cheaper and less scary than meeting the dentist for laser teeth whitening treatment 🙂

So in this article, we are going to take a look at a leading dental care brand – Crest 3D White.

Before we jump in straight to the products, let’s get to know more about the company first.


crest logoCrest is one of the popular oral care brands under Procter & Gamble (other than Oral-B). It was established since 1955 and most of their products were approved by American Dental Association and fulfilled the FDA requirements.

In the early 1940s, cavity was one of the main health issues for Americans. Hence, P&G carried out many researches, experiments and finally launched a toothpaste with fluoride in 1955. It marked a great success and became the best-selling toothpaste because it is proved to reduce tooth decay.

From then on, Crest has continued with more intensive research and came up with various oral hygiene products including toothbrushes, rinse, strips and more. They are committed to help people in getting healthy, beautiful smiles for life. Therefore, they have also invented other products to cater different dental care needs, such as fresh breath products, sensitivity products, kids’ products, flavor experience products, dentist-inspired products and whitening products.


Crest 3D White

crest-3d-whitestrips-professional3D White is a famous teeth whitening collection by Crest which consists of 30 products including toothpaste, whitestrips, rinse and toothbrushes. Its main objective is to remove teeth stains and give you white, healthy and stunning 3D smiles.

3D White system is designed to not only whiten, but also clean and protect the teeth with its enamel safe bleaching ingredients. They received tremendous support and positive feedback from the consumers for effectively delivering great, obvious whitening results.

Besides that, their range of products has received many awards and is highly recommended by various beauty magazine editors as the Best Teeth Whitener. For instance, 2011 ELLE Genius Awards, 2011 Beauty Choice Awards from NewBeauty, 2011 Beauty & Grooming Awards from EBONY magazine, 2011 Awards, 2012 The Best Of Beauty Awards from Life & Style Weekly, just to name a few.

They also did a test by giving samples to the readers and the result is very good: 87% of them have brighter teeth after trying the product and are satisfied with it.

Well, before you try on the product, you can also do an experiment and find out how gorgeous your smile will look like with the tool provided on Crest 3D White website. Just upload your photo, zoom in to your mouth and do a few clicks of editing – voila! Have fun and see the difference.

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