Foods That Whiten Teeth

Are you wondering what foods that whiten teeth?

Well, that’s very good because you understand the saying – “You are what you eat”.

It’s true that although there are various teeth whitening methods available nowadays, but we should not neglect the need to manage our diet and be cautious about what we consume. All the effort of whitening teeth will be useless if we keep taking foods and drinks that cause staining.

Therefore, it is important to include more foods that whiten teeth and reduce the culprits. Below are the foods that act as natural remedies to polish stained teeth.

Foods That Whiten Teeth

foods-that-whiten-teeth-appleCrunchy fruits and raw vegetables like apples, pears, guavas, cauliflowers, spinaches, radishes, lettuces, carrots, celery and cucumbers are known to effectively remove surface stains and prevent tartar build up. Their solid substances are able to scrub away the stains when you chew them. Some of them can also increase the production of saliva and hence help to clean your mouth. Besides that, these fruits and vegetables contain the nutrients that are essential for healthy teeth and enamel.

foods-that-whiten-teeth-pineappleOranges and lemons comprise of citric acid that can whiten the teeth. They are also rich in vitamin C – which is good for your overall oral health. However, you need to limit the consumption of lemons because the high level of acid from lemons can harm your enamel. An alternative of teeth whitening fruit is pineapples. They have Bromelain enzyme which are great in removing surface stains.


foods-that-whiten-teeth-cheeseCheese is also one of the food that assists in teeth whitening, especially hard cheese. Hard cheese is able to clean and get rid of food particles from your teeth. In addition, cheese and other dairy products like yogurt and milk contain of lactic acid, calcium and phosphorus which can reduce the acid in your mouth, protect the teeth, gum and enamel from diseases.


Foods That Stain Your Teeth

Now, besides all these foods that can whiten teeth, it is vital to cut less the consumption of teeth-staining foods. Just like the saying – “Never let anyone dull your sparkle.”  Avoid the following foods and beverages so that you can maintain your pearly white smiles.

  • Drinks – red wine, coffee, beer, tea, sports drinks, sodas, dark berry juices, grape juices
  • Gravies – soy sauce, tomato sauce, curries
  • Fruits – cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, pitaya
  • Sweets – chocolates, artificial coloring candies

What are the similarities among all of them? Answer: They are all dark in color in nature and they will leave laundry stains that are hard to remove. Besides that, some of them are high in acid level. Watch out for these kinds of foods and drinks because they can cause enamel erosion and discolor your teeth easily.

However, this doesn’t mean that you are strictly prohibited from having any of the foods or beverages listed above. You can use a straw when drinking to reduce the contact of the drinks with your teeth. Always rinse your mouth thoroughly or brush your teeth after taking those foods.

Besides that, you can also try other measures like add milk into the black coffee, drink green tea instead of black tea, chew sugar-free gum but not sweets and so on.

Take note of the foods that whiten teeth and reduce the teeth-staining ones so you can maintain your bright and sparkling teeth.