Plus White 5 Minute Whitening System

Want to whiten your teeth without spending too much of your hard-earned money? Plus White 5 minute whitening system may be a good option for you.

It is a collection of bleaching products that are effective in brightening your smiles. Most importantly, they come with affordable price. This is also why it succeeds in the competitive dental products market.

plus-white-whitening-systemPlus White is a popular brand created by CCA Industries, Inc. The company has been in business for 20 years producing health and beauty care products. Their tagline is ‘where beautiful things happen’.

Among other brands that they have developed are Sudden Change, Bikini Zone, Mega T and Solar Sense. Consumers love their products because of the good price and quality. Besides that, they can easily purchase the products at local and overseas pharmacies, retail shops and online stores.


Plus White 5 Minute Whitening System

plus-white-5-minute-whitening-systemThere are two types of Plus White whitening system available – 5 Minute Premier Whitening System and 5 Minute Speed Whitening System. It is very convenient for users because every pack includes a bleaching gel, mouth tray and rinse.

You just need to apply the tray filled with gel for 5 minutes each time, twice per day for 2 weeks. Only leave it for 15 to 20 minutes if the stains are hard to remove. After that, use the rinse to prolong the whitening results. Many reviewers are satisfied with the effect and reported no teeth sensitive problem.


plus-white-5-minute-bleach-whitening-gelAnother best selling product from Plus White is bleaching gel. They are four types of gel including:
• 5 Minute Premier Speed Whitening Gel
• 5 Minute Bleach Whitening Gel
• 5 Minute Bleach Whitening Gel for Sensitive Teeth
• 5 Minute Teeth Whitening Gel

This is especially suitable for those who already have dental tray. Simply squeeze the gel to the tray and use as usual. Otherwise, you can also put some gel on your toothbrush or cotton swab and apply to the teeth. This also requires only 5 minutes each time.

Meanwhile, if you want extra whitening power, you can try Plus White Whitening Booster. It contains of hydrogen peroxide to brighten your teeth. Just apply it to your toothpaste and brush as you normally would.


plus-white-whitening-system-toothpasteBesides whitening kit, Plus White toothpaste have been invented for daily maintenance use. There are 4 types of toothpaste, including Super White, Xtra Whitening, Xtra Whitening (Cool Mint Gel) and Xtra Whitening with peroxide.

Each of them works well to polish away tough teeth stains, plaque and tartar. Furthermore, they contain of fluoride which are able to fight cavities. You can also enjoy refreshing minty taste after brushing with the toothpaste.

In conclusion, you can consider Plus White 5 minute whitening system if you want inexpensive, time saving yet effective home bleaching kit.