Teeth Whitening Pen

A warm and inviting smile is considered as a huge plus point as it gives a positive aura about a person and showcases a confident image about them. To get an admirable set of clean and white teeth, one of the cost-effective ways is to use teeth whitening pen.

It is really easy to use; all one has to do is to rotate the bottom part of the pen which dispenses a gel. The gel comprises of hydrogen peroxide which is an integral component that helps the teeth to reduce discoloration and become sparkling white.

Although higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide can be extremely harmful, however it is acceptable to use it in smaller concentrations. In fact, most of the over-the-counter teeth whitening products have carried out exhaustive tests to prove its safety and effectiveness.

Some other pens use liquid instead of gel and the bleaching agent that is used, has been manufactured in such a way that it reaches all the areas of the mouth where bacteria and stains can accumulate and need to be specifically weeded out.


How to Use Teeth Whitening Pen

teeth-whitening-penThe best way to use it is to first brush your teeth thoroughly to clean out any long standing bacteria, food particles and any other stains. Then use the pen to dispense the gel which is to be applied to each stained teeth. The gel will form a thin film as it begins its whitening process. However, it is warned that if the gel gets in contact with the skin or lips, it may cause slight chemical burns. Therefore, you need to use the pen carefully.

Besides that, it is vital to remember that a teeth bleaching pen is not a substitute for brushing or flossing the teeth. No matter how many dental care products are being used, the importance of a good oral hygiene can never be undermined.

Harmful Effects
Although these bleaching pens are known as to be effective and convenient in delivering whitening results, however it does holds a few side effects that may affect people if it is not being used correctly.

The most damaging effect of using these pens is the destruction of the external layer of the teeth, known as enamel. This is usually an irreversible process and leaves the teeth exposed to many different types of bacteria that may accumulate in due time.

There have been reports of gums beginning to ache with the increasing use of teeth whitening pen. In addition, if it is overused, there is a risk of irritating the teeth and causing the teeth to become very sensitive and prone to worse bacterial attacks.

Nowadays, many prominent dental care companies such as Listerine and Rembrandt have produced various whitening pens. Although they are innovative methods to solve one’s teeth discoloration problem, it is important to use it correctly.

Hence ones should educate themselves first before buying any teeth whitening products or consult with the dentist for the proper method to whiten their teeth.